The timeless lifestyle feel to our wedding photography

When our bridal couples plan their wedding theme and colour palette, they will start thinking of their overall theme and the look and feel they would like for their wedding day and decor. 

They will begin with different items and pieces they see on the web and at the stores, and begin discussing colour palette. the different shades they would love to see and how the colours combine with each other to reflect that timeless, chic and elegant feel to their personalities and to their wedding day. 

Light - this is an important thing to factor in at the wedding planning and design stages of their project. How light falls on their chosen colour palette, the textures, patterns, and how these items or collections reflect light play an important role in their choices. Not to forget that colour reflection and how we see it also depends on the colour temperature given to us by nature, in autumn the warmer glow caused by the warm temperature of the autumn sunshine will be materially different to the colour reflected in winter light when the colour temperature of the winter light tends to be much cooler. Thankfully, with shorter days and the introduction of artificial warm lights given by LEDs, halogens and other incandescent sources that the venues offer will also affect by how colour gets perceived. 

The table settings, flower scheme and other table place settings all come into play when planning the colour theme. This then flows through to the theme for the bridesmaid dresses and the ushers outfits and colours used there. 

In the last few years, discounting the lockdown period, the trend is to go for lighter and more natural shades, the light and bright feeling is still a popular and growing trend for most of our wedding couples. 

A light, bright and airy wedding attire makes up an important part of the wedding day plan. Most brides opt for lighter coloured options in their colour palette such as natural earthy tones, ivory, beige and then add accented colours to draw the eyes such as blue, pink and sage hues in their bridesmaid dresses. 

After looking at dresses and wedding attire of the ushers and bridesmaids, the rest of the wedding day theme should follow on quite easily and this will flow through to table and place settings and centrepieces. Choosing the floral displays and the bouquets now flow through in an easier fashion. We now have a timeless, chic and elegant wedding style. 

As a wedding photographer with more than 20 years experience, we want to retain that natural look in your final post produced images in the bridal album. Of course, during the sunset and golden hour in the evenings (even for winter weddings), the warm colour temperatures afforded to us by nature will add a nice and beautiful romantic feel to your wedding day pictures taken in the grand gardens of the venue and brings out the dress and the timeless feel. 

To me as a photographer, a light and airy natural feel does not mean bleached out pictures, that will be terrible if the highlights of your dress or the background appear bleached out. I know some of you may love that style of quite bleached out wedding imagery but that isn't our style. To me, nothing is worse when you invested so much in your pride and joy wedding dress, have the best bouquet with the carefully selected flowers and to see most of the textures bleached out. 

On the wedding day itself, my shooting style is natural and relaxed. Posing is quick and unfused and to ensure I do not lose that special romantic moment if posing takes too long. 

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